Useful Links and Information

Crisis Assistance

Emergency services – Call 000 or 112 from mobiles

NSW Domestic Violence Hotline – Ph:1800 656 463 (TTY 1800 671 442)

If you or your children are in immediate danger, contact the Police urgently or  get someone to contact them for you. Try to get out of the house with your children.

Domestic Violence Information for the Illawarra

Download the ICADV DV Booklet will provide you with the following information:

  • What is Domestic Violence?
  • Trauma, Children and Domestic Violence?
  • The effects of violence on women
  • The cycle of violence
  • Agencies and services
  • Legal advice and support
  • Accommodation
  • Pets
  • Domestic Violence Specialist services
  • Counselling services
  • Financial information
  • Health services
  • Child and family services
  • Family Law
  • Services specifically for women
  • Women’s sexual health and family planning services
  • Services for Aboriginal women
  • Services for Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Background
  • Services for people with a disability
  • Sexual assault services and LGBTQIA+
  • Services for men

What is a Safety Plan?

A Safety Plan is a guide for staying safe from violence.

Planning for your safety is a process of looking at your situation and assessing what you might need to help you feel and be safer. Your safety plan must be relevant to your needs and be adapted if your situation changes. It needs to incorporate an escape plan as well as practical strategies to improve your home and personal security. Safety planning is not about focusing on living in fear; it is about taking proactive steps to improve your and your children’s safety. It is about taking back control over your life. Safety plans need to include safety strategies for different environments such as home, social, work and vehicle security.


ICADV performs an important function in raising community awareness, contributes and promotes the effectiveness of local services in responding to victims of Domestic and Family Violence.

The committee promotes a coordinated, effective response and encouraging interagency collaboration and cooperation.