NSW Police DV Team have launched a new podcast called “Control”. Over three episodes it explores how violence and control are two different tactics used by perpetrators in a relationship and what it takes to break the cycle.

Cassie was 29 when she met and married her partner after he moved to Australia. The couple welcomed a son in 2014. Throughout their three-year relationship, she endured controlling, jealous and violent behaviour at the hands of her husband.

In 2016, Kylie married the ex-husband of Cassie. Together they also had a son.

Like many women, Cassie and Kylie hid years of abuse perpetrated on them by their partner from family, friends and even police because they lived with both fear and shame. This podcast shares their very personal story, in particular, the way that violence and intimidation gradually evolved in their relationships.

The podcast also highlights the red flags of a violent and controlling relationship and how together with police and support services, people can stop the cycle of domestic violence.